Lake & Fish

8 acres lake
5 anglers
Carp to 61 lbs

For the previous 46 years it has not been fished…

Our beautiful tree lined lake of 8 acres was dug out in 1971 with the depths of 8.5 foot at the dam end, slowing running down to 3 feet at the shallow end. We have 6-7 swims that have been crafted to suite easily comfortable angling. We brought the estate in 2017, and for the previous 46 years it has not been fished, so we are very eager to discover its secrets.


We quickly discovered that we have a small healthy stock of prestige carp that have been undisturbed for many years, they are mostly weighing over 30lbs. So, with this in mind we have undertaken a stocking programme and these new fish were introduced into the water in October 2017. Our new commons and mirrors adjusted quickly to their new environment and have settled in beautifully, we now have 195 fish our current lake record is 59 lbs there are also a good head of 40’s 30’s 20’s and some doubles.

Came to the beautiful Dream Catchers Lake with my whole family. It easily fit all 14 of us and we weren’t stepping on each others toes! The lake was lovely, I am not a fisher myself but can admire the beauty and size of the carp that is coming out of this lake! The house was magnificent with a modern feel and all the homely things I would need, coffee machine, washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher! Was the perfect holiday!

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